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Only in Louisville: Wimsett & Company

Louisvillians love shopping local, and we have the statements to prove it. But what happens when you swipe your card instead of paying cash? Bottom line: It isn’t necessarily helping your corner shop as much as it could, because unbeknownst to its customers, the business may be overpaying fees to the various parties that make that paperless transaction possible.


Wimsett & Company is seeking to change that. By helping small and medium-sized businesses keep credit card processing costs down, they help more money stay in the community—and out of the hands of the credit card processing companies.


According to Ashley Wimsett, director of marketing, the businesses’ troubles often start the day they sign a contract allowing them to accept plastic. “The industry has become like the cable companies,” says Wimsett. “They’ll come in and offer a low rate and increase that rate over time, but businesses sign contracts that have such intricate details that they can’t get out of them.” Pitfalls include leasing of a terminal (about $40 or more per month for three to five years vs. $250 for a one-time purchase), increasing rates and, most frustrating, billing errors. “We work with businesses to help negotiate the best rate, terms and conditions, and we do audits quarterly to look for errors and make sure the rates aren’t increased.”

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