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Only in Louisville: Accredited Wealth Management

If you’ve ever worked for a big company and thought you could handle things so much better on your own, you’re not alone. And if you’ve ever been in that position and thought you could handle other people’s money better on your own … well, meet Steve Giacobbe and Shawn Clark, partners at Accredited Wealth Management.

The firm may only be one year old, but Giacobbe and Clark know the ropes—both with financial services and with their clientele. “Shawn and I are very experienced,” says Giacobbe. “We offer great service, reporting and clarity, and people have confidence and trust in what we do.” This confidence and trust comes from their early days at Commonwealth Bank & Trust, where the two men met 9 years ago. Clark originally worked on equity and fixed income research, and then transitioned into a portfolio manager role. Meanwhile, Commonwealth had recruited Giacobbe, who was a partner in a North Carolina investment firm, to serve as its chief investment officer. “That’s when Steve and I started working together closely with larger clients and local endowments and charities,” Clark says.

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