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Brian Dettman

Lawyer, dad, and Louisville booster

By Rachel Reynolds

Brian Dettman is a local personal injury attorney who is trying to help his clients and his community.

“I’m very grateful to Louisville. My community involvement is personal,” said Dettman, an attorney and head of Dettman Law.  “We try to sponsor local adoption and foster care organizations, like Via Colori or Wednesday’s Child. We’ve also helped raise money for a van that went to an orphanage in Malawi, Africa. I built my family this way and never would have been able to do so without Louisville and our community.“

Dettman is also a Louisville booster.  His firm sponsors The University of Louisville Hockey Team and the University of Louisville Rugby Team.

Brian and his wife moved to Louisville from Florida when she took a job as a journalist at WLKY-TV.  Soon, they fell in love with the city, and realized they wanted to put down roots here.

“I grew up in Fort Lauderdale as the oldest of four brothers,” Dettman said.  “College at Johns Hopkins, followed by Stetson Law. Our plan was to move on when my wife’s contract expired. It never happened. We love it here. I have four kids now, and it’s a great family city.”

Dettman is the proud dad of two 6-year-old daughters from Malawi, a country in southeast Africa with spectacular highlands and extensive lakes.  He’s also in the process of adopting his two young foster sons.

A LIBA member for two years, Dettman is eager to give back to the community.

“If anyone out there runs a local non-profit or charity, please enter it for our Month of Giving,” Dettman said.  “In February every year we try to bring awareness to the community by giving away $200 a day to local non-profits.”

Dettman said his law firm has donated to all types of non-profit groups, including animal rescues, homeless shelters, and foster care organizations. He often posts videos of charities the firm has helped to increase their visibility.  Non-profits wanting more information can find it at: Instagram: @lawdettman; Twitter; @trackmylawyer;

Dettman said he loves waking up every day and going to work as an attorney.  What sets his firm apart is the litigation and trial work, and the client communication.  Dettman believes if you have a lawyer you should be able to speak to him or her.  He also believes your lawyer should be willing to take a case to trial to get maximum value.

“In the third grade I was reading books about winning arguments,” he said. “Wasn’t any fun for my parents or teachers, but I was always meant to be a lawyer. I’m lucky that I can use a skill to help people.”


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