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Red's Comfort Foods

Robert Martin leans in close and smiles as he describes some of the ingredients for his Big Blue, a specialty hot "daug" created for the Wildcat faithful, as if he was admitting to insider trading. “I start with a sweet Italian Turkey sausage,” he says, “then top it with grilled peppers & onions, then add bleu cheese, and Red's mustard.  The combined flavors makes it something special.”  He goes on to describe the Louisville Lip, named after Muhammad Ali, as “spicy and sassy, and if you’re not careful, after the first bite, it will bite you back.  It’s for Heavyweights and not Amateurs!”
Red’s Comfort Foods promises Red’s favorite daugs and barbecue sandwiches as well as some surprises on opening day to celebrate.   With a new year, new arena and new mayor whom Robert believes will have a new approach to downtown, Robert says, “Fourth Street Live is fine, but that strip could be anywhere.  Visitors come to Red’s for the local flavor and leave taking pictures and making it an experience,  because they’re not going to find a place like this in their own town.  And that is the kind of thing we should be offering in downtown Louisville; a unique experience.”
A welcome addition this year at Red’s will be extra hands.

“I’ve always done this with minimum assistance,” says Robert, “but now I’ll have help and we will be able to serve more people faster during lunch hours and be ready for the late night crowd after midnight.”

And when asked if big crowds will be expected this season for Red’s, Robert says he definitely subscribes to the tried-and-true philosophy that when you provide great value and quality food, they will come.  “Louisville is now on the verge of creating a thriving downtown scene,” says Robert. 

“You have several destination points, and all the city has to do is develop the corridors that link those hot spots.  We want a situation where people are exploring the downtown area; going to favorite places and encountering new ones along the way.”

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