Only in Louisville: Think Tank Marketing


A conversation with Randy Blevins,

Founder & CEO of Think Tank Marketing

By Rachel Reynolds

Randy Blevins had just completed his company’s rebranding efforts when he reflected on the changes in Louisville’s business community in 2020 amidst the coronavirus pandemic. “There wasn’t a roadmap for anyone,” Blevins says. “So we all had to figure out how to pivot and determine what is and isn’t relevant in a changing society and business landscape.”

Blevins, who founded Think Tank Marketing in 2011, explored ways to reinvent his company and leverage its digital storytelling expertise at a time when the nation and world came to a stop. For a marketing company whose life blood is connecting human beings through special events and inperson interactions, 2020 proved to be a unique and unprecedented challenge because of mandated social distancing and stay-at-home orders.

“It can be really scary for even well-established businesses to invest in their marketing in these uncertain times, but at the same time, putting the pause on marketing is not a viable option either,” Blevins explained.

Think Tank Marketing got creative and found new ways to support their clients during the pandemic. The company created a new payment schedule for clients who wanted to launch marketing initiatives and pay for it in smaller increments up front. Randy and his team also implemented new platforms that allowed restaurants to host bourbon tastings and other events virtually. Think Tank also re-evaluated its own brand and internal processes to make use of the quiet time imposed when many businesses in Louisville slowed or shut down temporarily. And the company embraced the idea that it’s important to enjoy what you’re doing, even during tough times.

The result was a re-invigoration at Think Tank Marketing, highlighted by a commitment to local-centric marketing and advertising and deep caring for the community and those who share this sentiment.

“Social and community involvement are very important to our company because as we are often reminded right now, we are all in this together,” says Blevins, who sits on the Membership Engagement Committee at LIBA. “We care, that’s our motto.”

Think Tank Marketing has a wide array of innovative clients in Louisville including Froggy’s Popcorn, Kentucky Opera, Digs, Derby Diversity and Business Summit, NuLu Bock Fest, Bourbons Bistro, Actors Center for Training, and many others. Blevins, who worked as Marketing Director with Actors Theatre and served as Art Director for the Broadway Series before founding his own company, is very committed to increasing social justice for all residents and expanding opportunities for young professionals who will be the leaders of tomorrow. Early in his career when he was an intern, Blevins learned from a mentor the importance of donating your time and money to the things you care about. With Think Tank Marketing, Blevins now has the distinct opportunity to work with clients who also “care” for the greater good of the Louisville community.

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