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Letting Go Yoga Nidra with Laura Spaulding

  • 01 Nov 2014
  • 1:30 PM - 3:00 PM
  • Yoga East, Holiday Manor Studio, 2226 Holiday Manor Center #15, Louisville, KY 40222
The word "nidra" means sleep, but this is not ordinary sleep. This is yogic sleep, entering a profound state of relaxation in which you are able to descend into the deepest levels of consciousness and unlock your inner strengths. Change negative habits and thoughts into positive, life-affirming behaviors and transform your life. Tap into your own creative potential and discover how to meet life’s challenges with enthusiasm and courage. Yoga Nidra holds the key.
This class is a one-hour guided relaxation. No yoga experience is needed. The class begins with a soothing series of easy yoga postures that prepare the body for deep relaxation.
Phone Laura Spaulding at 502-585-9642 if you have questions as to whether this class is appropriate for you.

Workshop fee: $20

Do not attend Yoga Nidra if you have active back pain, restless leg syndrome, a cold or sinus drainage or any other condition that makes lying supine on your back for 45-60 minutes uncomfortable, or if you are pregnant. This class is not suitable for children.

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