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Job Creation: Myth v. Facts

  • 27 Oct 2011
  • 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM
  • Interactive Media Lab (124 N. 1st St.)


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Job Creation: Myth v. Facts

How Louisville Can Build Long Lasting Job Growth and Entrepreneurism

With Jeff Milchen, Co-Founder of the American Independent Business Alliance

Job creation is on everyone’s minds these days, but who creates jobs and why? Today in the U.S. the answer is small business and government. That’s not an endorsement of government expansion, it’s simply fact.

For more than two decades, the world’s largest corporations have been disemploying people at a far greater rate than they hire. This is partly due to their efficiency at minimizing jobs per unit of output, but also a consequence of perverse policy incentives offering tax write-offs to companies that replace workers with machines, discourage hiring and subsidize foreign imports.

Triggers for our current recession, like the housing bubble collapse and megabank scandal, are easily identifiable, but how can we build a more durable and honest economy to re-employ Americans and encourage entrepreneurism? This talk will both introduce some potential answers while tapping the experience and wisdom of participants to work toward actionable solutions.

Jeff Milchen founded and directed the first Independent Business Alliance and has since helped more than 75 other communities across North America organize successfully to date. He’s an internationally published writer and highly sought speaker on community empowerment and helping independent business thrive.

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