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What is a credit union you ask? That is a very good question, and you are one of many who wonder that same thing.  A credit union is a not-for-profit organization that is held together by a common goal of people helping people.  When you open an account at a credit union you become a ‘member’ of that credit union.  Money that you put on deposit, along with the other member’s deposits, is used to lend out to members in the form of low interest rate loans, and for investments, to bring income into the credit union.  Even though credit unions are not-for-profit organizations, a minimum amount of profit (income) must be made from loans to members and investments so we can pay for the products and services offered - products such as debit cards, interest bearing checking accounts, mobile app, bill pay, home branch, eStatements, and more.  It is also used to pay dividends on savings, CD’s IRA’s, and Money Markets accounts.

Beacon Community Credit Union has been in existence since 1947.  Beacon was originally the Louisville Naval Ordnance Plant Employees Credit Union and was located inside the Naval Base on Southside Drive in Louisville.  There are currently two offices with a third coming soon.  A credit union’s reason for existe

nce is to serve the financial needs of its members, and Beacon does this by offering low cost loans, affordable products and services.    Becoming a member of Beacon is easy - just visit one of their branch locations, fill out a short member card, and deposit $5.00 into your member savings account. That minimum balance requirement goes back to you if you ever decide to close your account.  After that you can take advantage of any credit union product or service you desire.

Beacon has a Board of Directors who volunteers their time to ensure the financial practices of the credit union are safe and sound.  In addition to the Board of Directors, state and federal regulators review the credit union annually for financial stability.  Member’s shares are insured up to $250,000 per member by NCUA (National Credit Union Administration).  This is the same type of government backed insurance that the FDIC provides for banks.       

Beacon constantly strives to find new products and services to serve the financial needs of their members.  Every decision is made with the members’ best interest in mind.

Beacon can be found at, or call 502-366-6022. Any of their staff is happy to help with any of your financial needs.

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